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AfterHours Automotive has a thorough knowledge of manufactured products, and are experienced fabricators.
We often find that custom work is required to truly accomplish a client's goals.
As such, our services include custom design, engineering, fabrication, painting and many unique services that are hard to find.

While all projects have their distinct differences, typical projects include one or more of the following services:

  • Engineered racing-quality design and fabrication of mechanical and safety systems, for suspension, roll cage, engine,
    transmission, braking, weight management, etc.
  • Racing and Prototype exhaust systems, Turbocharged or Naturally Aspirated
  • Auto body fabrication and restyling for both current and vintage cars
  • Custom painted artwork and/or vinyl graphics, not only for autos, but also for audio enclosures, helmets,
    skateboards, and various other items.
  • Design and fabrication of prototype composite parts, such as dashboards, spoilers, hood scoops, etc.
  • Professional installation and possible modification of manufactured products for form, fit, and function
  • Complete race preparation for road course, drag race, and land speed vehicles


All cars are contained in a locked facility with 24-hour onsite security.
Your vehicle is kept in a secure facility while services are performed.

Pricing Estimates

Because each project is unique, pricing varies based on the current condition of the car as well as the desired outcome.
In order to provide an accurate quote, we must thoroughly inspect the vehicle and understand your vision for the car.
If you are interested in starting a project with AfterHours, please call to schedule an appointment.