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cryo treatment

Racers are always looking for the ultimate material with which to construct parts. We used to joke with one another about a “special” alloy called Unobtainium. CRYO treatment can turn your parts into the closest thing to this imaginary material.

Cryogenic treatment of metal alloys has been has been used by the aerospace industry for years. The German manufacturer Junkers used this technology on their aircraft engines way back in the 1930’s. Recently, racing teams have discovered the many benefits of this process.

CRYO treatment creates a denser, more uniform grain structure. This process converts the entire mass of the part into the best example of the qualities of the material used. It also removes the internal stress risers caused during the manufacture of the part. The tighter molecular structure also increases strength, wear life, and durability.

The CRYO treatment starts by cooling the component in liquid nitrogen to below minus 300 degrees f. Strict computer controls are used to bring the part down to this point and back to ambient temperature to assure that optimum results will be achieved with no dimensional changes or chance of thermal shock. After the CRYO process, each part is then subjected to an ESD Wavetech heat treatment, which further increases its resistance to fatigue.

The CRYO process is capable of treating a wide variety of materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metallic alloys, carbides, plastics (including nylon and Teflon) and ceramics. CRYO has been misunderstood as just another hardening process. CRYO doesn’t harden; CRYO actually INCREASES the TOUGHNESS (strength and ductility) of the material.

CRYO treatment is a one-time process. For example, unlike normal crankshaft heat treatments, which affect only the surface and need to be re-done (along with straightening) after every refinish; CRYO treatment strengthens the ENTIRE part for its lifetime, regardless of how many times it is re-machined. This greatly reduces cost and time spent to maintain parts during the race season.

In addition to added strength, CRYO treatment extends the TIME between rebuilds. Increase in durability (resistance to wear and fatigue) is more than 100% and the typical increase in strength is 30 to 50%. Of course, the better material you start with, the better results you will have. For racing, we are always using the best materials at any rate (theoretically), so we should end up with parts that last a very long time. (We have experienced 3X the life from our road race brake rotors)

Heat dissipation is also GREATLY increased by the CRYO process. Professional desert race teams have reported a decrease in gearbox temperatures by as much as 50 degrees f due to CRYO treatment of the gears and housing. Clutches, brake parts, PADS and rotors also greatly benefit from not only an increase in durability and fatigue resistance, but also MUCH lower operating temps (usually 120 degrees f or more).

AfterHours Automotive offers complete CRYO service with fast and dependable turnaround. Our CRYO guys work every other weekend, so drop off by Friday and get parts back by Tuesday. We’re racers too, so we know how important it is to get your parts back when you need them.


Cryogenic services pricing - call for pickup schedule
  • Brake disc $25 Disc w/ hub $45
  • Brake pads (set) $15
  • Brake caliper (must remove caliper seals) $30
  • Clutch pressure plate or flywheel $35
  • Metallic clutch disc $30
  • Ring & pinion gears $50
  • Manual / automatic transmission (dis-assembled) $250
  • Transmission housing $125
  • Coil springs (pair) auto $30 truck/offroad $60
  • C/V joints & axle (each) auto $40 truck/offroad $50
  • Engine complete (disassembled) 3cyl $350 4cyl $400 6cyl $500 8cyl $650
  • Cylinder head (each, bare) 3cyl $40 4cyl $50 6cyl $65
  • Block (bare) 4cyl $200 6cyl $250 8cyl $350
  • Crank 4cyl $80 6cyl $100 8cyl $120
  • Camshaft (each) 4cyl $15 6cyl (ohc) $15 8cyl $25
  • Pistons (each) $7.50 ring set (each) $5.00
  • Connecting rods $7.50
  • Valve springs (each) $2.25
  • Valves (each) $2.25
  • Rocker arms (each) $2.50 shaft $12.00

    All prices are estimated and subject to change without notice