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Porsche 996 / 997 Carrera Sport Exhaust Mufflers

New for Porsche '99-05 996 and '05-'08 997 / 997s Normally Aspirated carrera - Available now!

996 Sport Pipe Mufflers                               997 / 997S Sport Pipe Mufflers
AfterHours Automotive 996 / 997 Porsche Sport Exhaust Mufflers for 996 & 997 Carrera             AfterHours Automotive 996 / 997 Porsche Sport Exhaust Mufflers for 996 & 997 Carrera  <--Click for larger image

Exclusively hand made by AfterHours Automotive, a new concept in Porsche sport muffler design that reduces weight, improves performance across the RPM band, and gives authoritative agressive sound to your normally aspirated Porsche. The perfect solution for those who want "Cup Car" sound at WOT, noted performance gains and a very liveable daily driving experience inside the car.
Sport Pipe installation is as easy as swapping mufflers, is smog legal, and will not cause CEL.

996 Price> $950 USD | 997 Price> $1100 USD
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  • 100% Stainless steel, hand made in USA and tested in-house
  • Emissions legal and will not cause CEL, mounts after the stock or aftermarket cats same as regular Porsche factory mufflers
  • 8.22 lbs each - very light weight vs. stock Porsche mufflers at 22.5lbs each!
  • Easy to install, bolts to factory brackets and uses factory or aftermarket tips. All neccesary hardware is included (tips not included, '99 996 owners will need to purchase tips- 997 non-S cars will need to purchase the larger S tips, the stock non-S ovals will not fit)
  • Engineered by an experienced race shop with particular expertise in crafting custom exhaust systems
  • Dyno proven HP and TQ gains vs. stock Porsche mufflers (avg 10hp / 12tq)
  • Special design eliminates vibration into the cabin, which is a typical issue with aftermarket Porsche sport mufflers
  • Estimated 75% as loud at WOT as bypass pipes, 2x as loud as stock Porsche mufflers at idle
  • Sporty and authoritative deep tuned sound adds distinctive style to your Porsche (watch videos!)
  • Very quiet in the cabin at cruising speeds and typical town speeds under light to part throttle conditions (watch videos!)
  • Fits all '99 > '05 Porsche 996 non-turbo cars including S and '05 > '08 4S, and 997, S, 4S
  • An insane sounding Porsche exhaust muffler that you can easily live with both on and off the track!

Dyno Results:

AfterHours Sport Pipes are designed to give your pcar maximum HP and TQ output, and is a simple muffler swap to install.
We've done a number of dyno tests on both 996 and 997 cars and the results have shown consistent performance inprovements of around 10hp / 12tq at the wheels. All dyno tests were done with stock cats, stock headers, and stock ECU software.

2002 996 C2 Tip                              2006 997 Cabriolet 6-Speed
996 HP / TQ Dyno Results - AfterHours Porsche Sport Exhaust Mufflers            2006 997 997s Porsche Dyno Results - AfterHours Porsche Sport Exhaust Mufflers for 997 997s Carrera    <--Click for larger image


Clips of external drive-by, cruise, interior noise levels, muffler close-ups, and installation, etc. lers on a 2002 996 C2 and a 2006 997 Cabriolet. Turn up your speakers! :)
*These clips are higher video quality than normal, if the video is choppy or stalls just rewind a bit and then continue playing.

996 Videos
997 Videos

996 Drive-by and Cruise

996 Interior Sound Level

996 Install - 2002 C2

997 Revving and Launch

997 Sound Levels, Drive-by, Take off etc.

997 Sport Pipes Close-up